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About Missions Websites

We are web designers who are completely committed to creating beautiful websites that help our clients achieve their goals, get more donations, and impact in the world for Christ. We will be your personal tech team from the beginning to the end.

Why Use WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular and favorite CMS (Content Management System) and blogging system. It is used by over 33% of all websites on the Internet. Websites built with a CMS, like WordPress, are easily updated through an administrative backend. WordPress focuses on stability and security. It is community-driven and easily extensible through thousands of plugins. The core WordPress software regularly updates to retain tight security. It is a mature and stable product that focuses on user experience and upholding web standards.

Hosting and Maintenance

Once your website has launched, there’s still more to do! We ensure your website stays live, secure, backed up, and up to date. Here are 9 benefits from our website maintenance service

  1. Support — Clients often have questions about their website. Don’t let your website be a mystery— ask away! We’re here to help. We will fix any problems that arise.
  2. Domain — Every website needs a domain name. We can manage your domain name as necessary. Most individuals don’t know about DNS settings, MX records, WHOIS registration, etc., but we do!
  3. Web Hosting — Domain names need hosting to make your website live on the Internet. We have high-end servers that are both fast and secure. With cheap servers, you get what you pay for. Hosting can be affordable, yet slow and easily hacked. Our cloud-based servers are responsive and difficult to hack. We connect to Cloudflare CDN to provide faster speeds and prevent DDoS attacks.
  4. Brizy Pro Website Builder — We will provide a license to Brizy Pro Website Builder. We think this is the best website builder for nonprofits due to its ease of use and functionalities.
  5. Email SMTP — We will connect your website to a professional SMTP email service. This drastically improves the email delivery rate for emails sent by your website.
  6. Backups — If your website gets hacked and wiped entirely, you often need to start from scratch. To remedy this, we keep daily backups of your website, so if disaster strikes, we will get you back up and running quickly!
  7. Security Updates — WordPress websites (core, theme and plugins) often update for security purposes. We safely apply these patches and keep a backup in case things go wrong. We actively monitor your website for new major and minor updates and apply them in the background. Your website stays live in the process.
  8. SSL — Security is so critical nowadays! You don’t want your website to be hacked. We install an SSL certificate to secure your website and provide a small SEO boost. We make sure SSL certificates are properly installed and renewed. Websites with an SSL certificate display a SECURE badge to replace the NOT SECURE warning.
  9. Analytics — What good is a website if you can’t track its performance? We install and monitor analytics to give you real data on your website’s visitors. This includes how many people visited your website, if they returned, whether they’re on mobile devices or desktops, where in the world they are, and much, much more. You can use this data yourself or hire a professional marketing specialist to get the most out of your website.
Project Timeline
  1. The timeline for completing a website build is typically estimated at around one month, though this duration may vary depending on the complexity of the project. More intricate websites, characterized by advanced functionalities or extensive design elements, often necessitate a longer development period, extending to two months or beyond.
Portfolio Link
  1. We reserve the right to display and link to the completed project in a portfolio. As a bonus, this backlink will help the client’s online visibility. We will not link to the client's website if the client is working in a 'closed' country, or at the client's request.




We appreciate and respect our supporters. You can rest assured that your gift will be used with discretion for the advancement of the gospel in the world.

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There is still time to make a tax-deductible donation for 2021. We are grateful for every dollar donated to our mission to fulfill the great commission.