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Top 7 Best Missionary Prayer Card Services + 5 Ideas

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We’ve searched for every company that offers missionary prayer card design and print services. We hope this list helps you decide which company to use for your missionary prayer card!

Done For You Vs DIY Prayer Cards

When deciding between “Done For You” (DFY) and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) missionary prayer cards, recognizing their differences can you select the most suitable option.

Done For You (DFY) Missionary Prayer Cards:

DFY missionary prayer cards are professionally crafted by skilled designers or organizations specializing in creating these personalized cards. They often present pre-designed templates or customizable options, embodying a polished and well-thought-out appearance. Here’s a closer look at the attributes of DFY prayer cards:

  1. Professional Design: Crafted by experts in design and messaging, DFY prayer cards offer a polished, visually appealing appearance. They often encompass various design choices, premium materials, and expertly curated layouts.
  2. Convenience and Time-Saving: Choosing DFY cards saves time and effort as the design, printing, and sometimes even addressing and distribution are managed by professionals. This convenience streamlines the process for individuals or organizations engaged in mission work.
  3. Consistency and Branding: DFY prayer cards often align with other mission-related materials, ensuring consistency in branding and messaging. This is particularly applicable if you will also be designing banners or newsletters.

But it’s important to remember that while DFY prayer cards are convenient and high quality, they might be more expensive and have fewer customization choices than DIY options.

DIY Missionary Prayer Cards:

DIY missionary prayer cards cater to missionaries seeking a hands-on approach to crafting their message. These cards offer the freedom to infuse personal creativity and ideas. Here’s what distinguishes DIY prayer cards:

  1. Personalized Expression: DIY prayer cards allow for extensive customization. Design, materials, imagery, and messaging can be personalized to reflect the specific mission, its values, and the community it serves.
  2. Cost-Efficiency: DIY options can be more cost-effective, especially for those with creative skills or access to affordable printing and crafting materials. Learn more about DIY card printing below.

While DIY prayer cards offer flexibility and personalization, they demand time, creative effort, and a certain level of design proficiency. Mistakes might be expensive if reprinting is necessary.

Missionary Prayer Card Tips and Ideas

  1. Choose a Bible verse: Bible verses are very common on prayer cards, try to choose a verse that isn’t too long, yet still encapsulates your vision. To help we’ve created a list of 31 Missionary Prayer Card Bible Verses.
  2. Choose a good photo: a good photo goes a long way. Both the people and the background play an important part in the photo. A professional photographer might be a good investment since the photos can also be used on your website and other fundraising materials.
  3. Link to your website: Make it easy for people to contact you and find your online donation page. Visit our homepage to get a missionary website.
  4. Include a QR code: Some people prefer to use QR codes, make a code to your website here QR Codfe Generator.
  5. Include a map: Make it easy for people to see where your ministry is located.

Missionary Prayer Card Services

Commission Creative

“Commission Creative designs custom missionary prayer cardsfundraising materials, and newsletters that will impress your supporters.”

They follow a simple 3 step process.
1. Place An Order
Select a prayer card size, choose your quantity and options, and submit your order.

2. Review Your Design
We will design a custom concept for you to review, provide feedback, and approve.

3. Printing & Delivery
Your approved design is printed and delivered in six to eight business days.

Design quality: We were impressed at their designs, they have skilled designers

Pricing: 2,500 cards (4″x6″) designed and printed on 2 sides = $309
Their pricing is very reasonable, not quite the cheapest option, but in our opinion, they provide the best value.

Revisions: 3 revisions included

Print 4 Missions

print4missions.com logo

“We consider it a privilege to participate in your ministry. These are the best missionary prayer cards available. Custom design, great variety of products, professional quality – and all offered to fit a missionary budget! Spend 10 minutes describing your mission, choosing a style, and uploading your photo. In 2 days, we’ll send you a custom design to review – it’s that easy.”

Design quality: Good effective designs

Pricing: 2,500 cards (4″x6″) designed and printed on 2 sides = $382.99

Revisions: Changes can be made

Missions Designs

missionsdesigns.com logo

“These missionary cards are perfect for showcasing your ministry.  The front of the card primarily focuses on you which serves as a simple reminder to your supporters to pray for you when they come across it.  The back of the card gives a glimpse of the area you are serving and supplies contact and support information.  This card is custom-made to fit your unique needs.”

Design quality: Simple designs

Pricing: 2,500 cards (4″x6″) designed and printed on 2 sides = $279
Best pricing on this list.

Revisions: 3 rounds of revisions included


Missionarycards.com logo

“All products are designed by professional graphic designers. They don’t use templates, so you will never have a generic-looking presentation. Plus, all design work is included in the cost of the card. There are no hidden costs or layout changes! Our products are professionally designed, printed quickly, and effective at helping you raise your support.”

Design quality: Custom colorful designs

Pricing: 1,000 cards (4″x6″) designed and printed on 2 sides = $250
More expensive than other options

Revisions: Changes can be made


Missionaryprayercards.com logo

“Innovative Graphics, the company behind missionaryprayercards.com, started in 2000 with a heart for helping missionaries spread the good news of Jesus.  We provide custom prayer card design, printing and web design so you can focus on what’s most important.”

Design quality: Beautiful professional designs

Pricing: 2,500 cards (4″x6″) printed on 2 sides = $325
The initial design of the card is an additional $115

Revisions: Not stated

Find a Missionary Prayer Card Designer on Etsy

There are designers on Etsy that will create a prayer card for you. After buying their service you can send your picture and information and they will design your card. You will then need to print your card yourself. A good option for the printing is GotPrint.com.

To get started go to Etsy.com and search for Missionary Prayer Cards. Here is a designer that we found that makes Missionary prayer cards Prettiest Print Shop.

DIY Missionary Prayer Cards

Some people prefer to save money by designing their own cards on Canva or VistaCreate and then printing the cards at VistaPrint or a cheaper option is GotPrint.com.

We’ve made a simple missionary prayer card template that you could use to start designing your DIY prayer card. View the template on our support raising page.

Including a Bible verse on your prayer card is important, but sometimes it is hard to find the right verse. We’ve made a long list of the best Bible verses to use for your Missionary Prayer card.


Best Overall: Commission Creative

Best Value: Missions Designs

Cheapest Option: DIY Prayer Card and print at GotPrint.com.

Missionary Prayer Card FAQs

Can I request custom designs for missionary prayer cards?

Yep! Many good missionary card makers let you personalize your cards with special designs, like pictures and words, to make them really personal for your mission.

How long does it take to get custom missionary prayer cards?

It depends on the company. Usually, the design takes 2-4 days and the printing and shipping takes 1-2 weeks. The timeframe could be extended depending on how many revisions you need.

Do I get a discount if I order a lot of missionary prayer cards?

Definitely! Most companies give you a better price if you order a bunch of cards. The exact prices might be different, so it’s best to check their pricing page.

Can I put my phone number or social media on my missionary prayer cards?

Yes, you can! Many good companies let you add your phone number, social media names, or website on your cards. That way, people can easily get in touch with you. Just make sure the info you give is correct when you order. Consider including a QR code to make online donations easier.

What size should my prayer card be?

4″ x 6″ is the standard size and is a good size for a prayer card. It is big enough to include all your relevant information, yet small enough for your supporters to fit onto their fridge.

How can I print my prayer card?

All the companies above can print prayer cards for you. If you want to print your own then you can look at VistaPrint or GotPrint.com

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