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Best Missionary Support Raising Books List

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When I needed to raise support as a new missionary, I read a lot of books. Thankfully there are a lot of books on this subject. Here are the books that I recommend. I hope this list is helpful!

The God Ask

By Steve Shadrach

My personal favorite missionary support raising book. This book is filled with practical ideas on fundraising. Also, this book will help missionaries become confident when asking others for support.

Rather than fearing the reactions of others during appointments, you can remain assured that God is overseeing all aspects of this process. This book will provide a sense of security in accepting that it’s not a Man Ask; it’s a God ask!

As a ministry worker, seeking financial support can be an arduous undertaking. However, never fear! It is not about asking for donations or requesting people to part with their hard-earned cash. Rather it is an opportunity to look towards God that He may provide the means needed for your endeavour. For behold: God has granted you a plan of operation and now it is time to invite others into your vision-sharing endeavor; let them experience what you have known in advance as yours! Do not waver; persistently pray and work diligently so that all things which could possibly pertain are discovered – then rejoice in the inspired assurance “all things are possible through Christ!”

  • Available on Amazon
  • Available on Kindle
  • Available as audiobook

People Raising

by William P. Dillon

“People Raising” is a comprehensive guide on how to raise support for ministry work. The book covers topics such as understanding fundraising principles, developing a support team, cultivating relationships with donors, and creating an effective fundraising strategy.

This book is an excellent resource for those who want to understand the ins and outs of fundraising for missionary work.

To get more ideas about fundraising, we’ve created a guide on our blog to missionary support raising. Read it to get more ideas.

  • Available on Amazon
  • Available on Kindle

Friend Raising

By Betty J. Barnett

“Friend Raising” is a book that emphasizes building relationships with donors. Betty Barnett shares practical advice on how to connect with potential supporters, how to communicate effectively, and how to create a lasting relationship with donors.

This book is perfect for missionaries who want to understand the importance of building relationships with donors.

Author Betty Barnett has been involved with YWAM for many years; she holds valuable experience that can be shared by all interested parties!

  • Available on Amazon
  • Available on Kindle

12 Easy Actions for Raising Support

By Chris Staplehurst

This short book is a practical guide for missionaries who are looking to raise support for their missions. The book provides 12 easy-to-follow steps that missionaries can take to increase their chances of success in raising funds.

Easy actionable steps is what makes this book stand out from the others.

Overall, this book offers a helpful resource for missionaries who are new to fundraising and looking for a practical, introductory guide to raising support

  • Available on Amazon
  • Available on Kindle
  • Available on Kindle Unlimited

Funding Your Ministry

By Scott Morton

The author, Scott Morton, draws on his own experience as a missionary and his work with The Navigators, a Christian organization that provides training and resources for ministry fundraising.

In the 3rd edition, Scott Morton has introduced new and enhanced sections. These include valuable insights on leveraging social media and adopting effective email strategies, in addition to proven principles that have helped gospel-workers globally.

The book also includes useful guidance on stewardship, budget management, and a comprehensive leader’s guide to inspire and support fundraisers.

  • Available on Amazon
  • Available on Kindle

Never Do Fundraising Again

By Gaylyn Williams and Ken Williams Phd 

This book is written by Ken and Gaylyn Williams, a father-daughter team with over 85 years’ experience (combined) as supported missionaries. Gaylyn, as well as Ken and his wife Bobbie, served with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

  • Learn how to turn one-time gifts into lifetime support
  • Harness the power of gratitude to motivate donors
  • Master effective communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Turn fundraising into a joyful ministry, rather than a stressful chore
  • Utilize proven strategies to reduce the time, effort, and money required to maintain full support
  • Develop lifelong ministry partners and close friendships
  • Encourage your partners to become your best advocates for bringing in additional support
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with freedom from financial worries
  • Available on Amazon
  • Available on Kindle
  • Available on Kindle Unlimited


Favorite: My favorite book is The God Ask, read this one if you can only read one book.

Runner-up’s: If you are looking for the cheapest options, I’d recommend: 12 Easy Actions for Raising Support and Never Do Fundraising Again. You can read both of those books on kindle unlimited, sometimes you can get a discounted or free trial to kindle unlimited.

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